Brown Lidded Bin Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions for brown lidded bins.

1. You have agreed to Pay Broxtowe Borough Council for a Garden Waste Collection Service covering a period of one year, March 2014 to March 2015 inclusive. Full payment will apply irrespective of joining date.

2. There will be no refunds.

3. Payment covers supply and ongoing maintenance of the container.

4. Garden waste will only be collected in bins supplied by us; these remain the property of Broxtowe Borough Council and are for garden waste only.

5. If you move to another address within Broxtowe, take your brown-lidded bin(s) with you. To continue having your garden waste collected contact us to transfer the service to your new address.

6. If the bin(s) contain non-compostable waste we will not empty it. Recurrent contamination may result in the bin and service being removed with no refund.

7. The brown-lidded bins will be supplied displaying a current payment sticker. If you already have brown-lidded bin(s) a sticker(s) will be applied to show payment has been made on the first collection.

8. If your sticker does become detached/lost then email us using the contact details located on the right.